How Long Does a Brazilian Wax Last?

Most women want to know precisely, how long does Brazilian waxing last? Generally speaking, after the initial waxing, the results can be sustained for anywhere between 3-6 weeks. This time frame is heavily dependent upon a person’s rate of hair re-growth. For the most part, the first week (or two) of the waxing occurring, the hair growth that is achieved is extremely minimal. By the third week post procedure, there are increases in the growth of the hair that is highly noticeable.

Additionally, hair growth is stimulated by heat, therefore hair will re-grow at a faster rate during the summer than it will in the winter. As waxing becomes more regular, the length of time between needing to be waxed will increase until the re-growth of hair becomes fairly sparse.

Traditionally, a Brazilian wax is performed within a salon after a consultation. As popularity of the procedure has increased over the years, so have to options for its implementation. Currently women are able to purchase Brazilian wax kits and perform the procedure themselves within the comfort and privacy of their own home. If wondering how long does a Brazilian wax last when completed at home? When done properly, just as long as one received at an establishment that provides the service. I started using the hair salon in Peachtree city GA, before I was 20, I got used to it getting it done by someone else, but now I much prefer doing it myself.

Top In-Home Brazilian Wax Kits

Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit, 14 Ounce
Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit, 14 Ounce
List Price: $42.00
Price: $42.00
You Save: N/A
This is a fully complete system of hair removal that provides the consumer with all items needed to properly and thoroughly perform the services of Brazilian waxing. This kit contains the following:

  • 1 -14 ounce wax warmer, complete with cover
  • 1 – 14 ounce Brazilian body hard wax
  • 10 small accu edge applicators
  • 10 large accu edge applicators
  • 10 petite applicators
  • 1 – 2 ounce container of pre epilation oil
  • 1 – 2 ounce container of post wax cooling gel
  • An instructional DVD for Brazilian waxing
Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts, 4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3) This kit is intended to be used by those that prefer a Brazilian wax that results in the complete removal of all hair within their intimate region. This waxing system does not utilize muslin strips and comes with a very detailed step-by-step instructional guide. With this kit, consumers will receive the very best quality of salon wax for the removal of hair. This product guarantees that its results will last for up to six weeks. In addition to the above listed, the kit includes the following:

  • Microwaveable jar with a convenient handle that will not burn your hands or require potholders, etc.
  • A container of pre-epilation oil
  • Easy to grip wide mouth spatulas
  • Waxing guide
8 Oz Cocojojo Sugaring Brazilian Sugaring Wax Kit This product is derived from the Ancient Egypt art form of hair removal. The use of honey and sugar promotes the removal of hair follicle at the root. Also referred to as Cleopatra Sugaring, large amounts of hair is able to be removed at a single time, so that it is as effective as the E-med Laser procedure. This makes the process much faster than other methods of Brazilian waxing. This product also has a much easier cleanup than all others, due to the only thing needed is water.

The Sugaring paste that is used is also able to exfoliate the skin as it removes the hair. Unlike more commonly used waxes, the sugaring product is hypo-allergenic. The results are no different than other waxing product, they last for up to six consecutive weeks.

Possible Side-Effects of Waxing

Predictions cannot be made in order to determine who will have a reaction and who will not. In most instances, those you indulge in Brazilian wax services, experience irritation that is minor or redness to the affected area. It is important to know that breakage to the hair may occur at the root during the process which will cause re-growth to be more rapid. The following will assist with keeping breakout, and irritation to a plausible minimum.

  • Immediately after undergoing a Brazilian wax, the sun is to be avoided. Should you have the region exposed, it is imperative to use a protectant such as sunscreen. Areas that have been waxed recently are susceptible to a condition called hyperpigmentation, which is a darkening of the skin that is permanent.
  • For a minimum of 24 hours after receiving a wax, vigorous exercise is to be avoided
  • For a minimum of 48 hours after receiving a wax, there is to be zero use of the heated sources such as: whirlpools, steam rooms and saunas.
  • Products used for the sole purpose of exfoliation (scrubs, AHA’s, etc.) as well as loofas, bath gloves and shower puffs are not to be used for a full 24 hours. The use of any of the stated will result in additional irritation to the skin.
  • Clothing that is tight or restricting must not be worn immediately after undergoing a Brazilian wax due to constriction promoting additional irritation and has been known to result in ingrown hairs.
  • Regular exfoliation is beneficial for dead skin removal which helps the hair grow above pore surfaces and avoid becoming ingrown
  • Regular Brazilian waxing procedures allow the skin to become accustom to the process therefore decreasing the level or irritation. Over time the skin will no longer become irritated by the process.
  • For a full ten hours after undergoing a Brazilian wax, you can not engage in any form of sexual activity or a hot bath or shower. The pores within that area of the body will be opened and therefore highly vulnerable. This vulnerability can lead to irritation or infection from the water temperature.