Best Home Waxing Kit for Women of Jan. 2017

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Ladies, if you want to look perfect and get rid of your unwanted hair in 2017, then waxing is a popular option that you can use. The only limitation that you might face during your waxing process is that you have to be prepared for the stinging sensation. As you have sensitive nerves attached on the surface of the skin, the removal of the hair signals pain to the brain nerves. Thus, you feel the stinging sensation. Most beauty experts would recommend you to use a simple home waxing kit. These kits are easily available in the market and when you wax your hair; your hair takes longer time to grow back. Thus you can enjoy a smooth glowing skin which is free from cuts which might have occurred if you have shaved them.

Best Home Waxing Kit of 2016

Why are these waxing kits so popular?

1.     Removes hair easily from large and small areas in the body-You can remove unwanted hair in your body from both large and small specific area. Women like you who wax on a regular basis would point out the convenience of waxing your upper lip area or armpits, which are small area to waxing your entire hands and legs which are large areas. All you need to do is cut small or large sizes of clean cloth patches and wax the area you need immediately.

2.    Removes hair from its roots- Other hair removal techniques like shaving and hair removing creams remove the unwanted hair from the surface of the skin. However, when you undertake waxing, the unwanted hair is removed from its root. Thus, you do not face problems like an ingrown hair.

3.    The new hair takes time to grow back- One of the reasons behind the popular usage of a home waxing kit lies in the fact that when you wax your unwanted hairs in your body, the new hair takes time to grow back. Thus, when you undertake waxing on a regular basis, you would be amazed and happy that your hair growth has been reduced and also takes more time to grow back. Also the new hair is softer in texture. Thus you can enjoy your smooth, glowing skin for a longer duration.

4.    Your skin looks flawless and smooth- If you are preparing for a special occasion, you do want your skin to speak for itself. Therefore, when you wax your unwanted hair, your skin looks flawless and smooth. With a beautiful skin, smiling back to you now, you feel confident and can carry any outfit with the confidence of a diva.

5.    Inexpensive hair removal technique- Using waxing kits at home is inexpensive. You just pay a few dollars and prevent yourself from expenses incurred in the saloon when you use these waxing kits at home. You thus make a good saving which can be used elsewhere.

Popular brands available in the market today

#1 Nads- Body Wax Strips

Nads- Body wax strips is a Home Waxing Kit which uses ingredients like honey, beeswax, molasses and lemon juice. These body wax strips can easily remove unwanted hairs from your body in a matter of few minutes. A single pack costs around six dollars each and has twenty strips in it. In fact, these strips can also remove small hairs which are 2 mm in length also. Most women indulge in it as these strips are very effective and also come with a soothing balm which is applied after the area has been waxed. Therefore, you can flaunt your smooth, glamorous skin for many weeks.

#2- Veet’s Leg and Body Hair Remover-Cold Wax Strips

Veet’s Leg and Body Hair Remover-Cold Wax Strips is another popular home waxing product that many women use to keep unwanted hairs in their body at bay. Here these strips have cold wax in them and thus you need to warm the strips by gently rubbing them with your hands. This simple technique would warm them and they can be then placed over the unwanted hair area and remove the unwanted hairs from your body immediately. These strips can be used by people with sensitive skin as they have almond oil in them. These strips have been tested by dermatologists, thus you can use them without any apprehension.