Men’s Blue Steel Sports WAX Strips Review

Summer is approaching and like most of my peers I prefer rocking sleeveless t-shirts or small shorts. A lot of men are naturally hairy and apply some hair removal techniques when proper grooming. If I was a weightlifter I’d fancy showing off my hard-earned physique. The same applies to most athletes. A hairy body at times is not a good option for public display. Applying body hair removal techniques at one point or the other is not something new.

Surveys reveal that a large number of men consider themselves cleaner and more attractive after shedding off body hair. Others confess that it increases their appeal with members of the opposite sex. Good body grooming is very important to our overall image. Body waxing is no easy task to do and personally I wouldn’t advise it to any first-timer.

It takes a lot of expertise to do it by yourself. However, modern advances in technology have enabled male grooming become a lot easier. The Men’s Blue Steel Sports WAX Strips is all that I need. The product works perfectly when applied on the legs, arms, cheeks and chin. The kit package looks interesting. Pick it up and keenly follow its procedure step by step.

Product Features

  • It contains an extract of chamomile which soothes the skin.
  • No heating is required, making it convenient for usage wherever you may be.
  • The product is hypoallergenic – meaning it designed in a way that minimizes any possibility of incurring an allergic response.

How To Use The Men’s Blue Steel Sports WAX Strips

  1. The first step is easy, I rub the wax strips in between my hands until the wax has warmed up.
  2. I then hold up the strips with grip tabs and gently peel them away.
  3. The next step requires that one strip be firmly applied. Smoothen out the strip continuously on your skin; preferably along the direction of hair growth.
  4. Hold the grip tab firmly and pull it off in one strong motion. Firmly hold the skin part with your fingers to offset the discomfort. The strips and be reused until they completely lose total grip.

Benefits Of Using The Wax Strips

They produce long lasting results in that your body will be devoid of hair for up to six weeks. The hair is extracted from its root. There will be no irritation experienced as it grows back as it will regrow with a fine end. You can do it by yourself wherever you are.

Common Complaints

At first using wax strips seems like a nightmare. Believe me it induces a lot of pain. Especially when removing hair from the sensitive body parts the pain is excruciating. If the strips were a little more bigger and covered more area they would accommodate an entire body hair removal. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Is The Product Worth The Cost?

I think the Blue Steel Sports WAX strips are worth their price in every way. They offer a whole new level of convenience when it comes to hair removal. For every guy who goes for waxing in a salon, I can show you a hundred more who do not. In that case this is a product which you can purchase and use within the confines of your home. Let’s not forget that it’s not in every neighborhood or town do we find waxing parlors. With the waxing strips al, that’s required is an online purchase and it’s delivered right to you. The package has a clearly outlined product description and use. Provided you follow all the instructions requires, I can bet you will use it again.

Tips and Tricks

  • Before waxing off your skin, gently exfoliate the surface with a body brush or scrub. This removes off any accumulated dead cells.
  • The strips works best in skin that is dry, clean and devoid of any other body ointments. If the weather is warm and your body is perspiring gently apply a talc layer beforehand.
  • To ease off any pain, trim your hair back for a while ensuring it remains a centimeter in length so for proper grip.
  • Remove the strip with one swift movement. Do not hesitate, just pull it off. Do not peel it off slowly.
  • It’s advisable to whip off your wax straps in a direction opposite to that of the hair growth. Always perform the procedure in small sections. Those who trim their hairs back just before they commence the waxing process will easily see the growth patterns.
  • For a first timer, the wax strips from Men’s Blue Steel Sports are your best bet. Not only are they very simple to use but they do not cause a lot of mess. It involves simply warming the strips between your palm too activate the wax and then apply on the hairy surface accompanying it with a firm rub. You can seek assistance from a friend if necessary.
  • After its ejection you can reduce the sting experienced by gently tapping the skin surface using your fingertips.
  • When the skin surface is sore and red gently press a damp flannel cloth for several minutes. Avoid any other alcohol-based ointments which might propagate profuse perspiration for a day. Other things to avoid are exercise, hot steamy showers and love-making.
  • To get rid of any excess wax it’s advisable to use mineral or baby oil on the affected skin surface.

Customers Reviews of Blue Steel Wax Strips

On reading product reviews online on the product over 90% are positive acclaim. Many first-timers are going a step ahead and recommending the product to friends. The product is an instant seller for athletes or workout enthusiasts. Not only does remove the hair but it does it in a clean manner.

What I Think

Most people who have used the strips are impressed. At first I thought this was another one of those new rip-off market product that would be disappointing. When removing the strips you will feel like a shred of your soul is being hived off. I guess the main concept behind the Blue Steel Sports wax strips goes hand in hand with the adage, no pain no gain. I hope you will find this Men’s blue Steel Sports WAX Strips review helpful.