2017 Best Home Waxing Kit for Brazilian

As women who are into waxing know and more so in 2017, a Brazilian wax is for those regions one should not mention in public. These waxes are offered in salons and spas, but this can be a humiliating experience, with one lying half naked with legs spread wide while a professional waxer uses a kind of popsicle stick to apply the wax. Besides the rather humiliating act of laying yourself bare for a stranger, the cost of a professional Brazilian wax will empty your pocketbooks of money you could use for something else. You can save money and sparing yourself the embarrassment of feeling so vulnerable at a spa by purchasing Brazilian home waxing kit from Amazon, where you will find several to choose from, so we will review five of those for you here.

The Gigi Brazilian waxing kit is a 14 oz. waxing kit that is offered on Amazon for $49.95, including free shipping. This waxing kit comes with a 14 oz. wax warmer with a cover and 14 ounces of Brazilian hard wax. It also includes 10 small accu edge applicators and 10 large edge applicators. Also included in the kit are 10 petite applicators and 2 ounces of pre epilation oil, as well as 2 ounces of post cooling gel. Brazilian wax is made especially for removing body hair that is coarser, which is the reason it is a good choice for removing pubic hair. This kit also includes a Brazilian wax DVD giving you step by step instruction for doing your own Brazilian wax in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Review of Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit:

Gigi’s Brazilian Waxing Kit has received a 4 ½ star review from customers on Amazon. This kit has worked so well that some beauty salons actually use it on their customers, who have to pay as much as $75 to have the waxing done for them. Because the kit comes with hard wax, which does not stick to the skin. It sticks to the hair, making the process much less painful. It is certainly cheaper than going to a salon and it pays for itself with the first waxing. Saving money by waxing at home is a great motivator to purchasing this kit.
There were some that say that their experience with the Brazilian Waxing Kit was very painful and there were places where the wax stuck to their skin. Also, when they pulled it off, it ripped and tore the skin. Some reports stated that the wax was too unpredictable, as it was hard to get it to the right temperature to provide a good waxing experience. Although some had bad experiences with their first use of Gigi Brazilian Wax Kit, they all stated that the product did provide good results.
This is one of the more expensive Brazilian Waxing Kits you can find on Amazon. The Satin Smooth Deluxe kit comes at a price of $119. This kit comes to you with a professional double wax warmer, and two independent warming wells. There are individual on/off switches with temperature control dials. This exclusive kit comes with a handy metal clamp so that it will be easier to remove the wax from the heater when you are ready to use it.

The Satin Smooth kit also comes with a 14 oz. container of Lavender with Chamomile wax intended to be used for hair that is not coarse, but finer, smoother hair and a14 oz. container of Wild Cherry Hard Wax that includes Vitamin E. This is also for the fine and smooth hair that you want to remove.
For the coarser hair, the kit has 14 oz. Calendula Gold Hard Wax with Tea Tree Oil. This kit is all-inclusive, coming with everything you will need to do a complete body wax, with 100 large applicators, 100 small applicators and 150 petite applicators. Nothing is lacking in this kit and it will pay for itself after just one use at home.

Satin Smooth Deluxe Brazilian Waxing Kit Review

The Satan Smooth Deluxe kit has a 4 ½ star review, with customers exclaiming over how absolutely incredible the product is. Unbelievably, it comes with Lidocaine gel and numbing spray to make the whole waxing thing more bearable and less painful.
There was a customer complaint about the packaging arriving damaged, with gels and lotions spilling out and a cracked DVD that could not be used.




Gigi Student Starter Kit

This kit comes in at a cost of $65.98 and includes free shipping to your door. It comes with a mini wax warmer, 4 pre- and post- care products, a 14 oz. can of Crème Wax Wax, and wax spatulas and muslin paper strips.


Gigi Student Starter Kit Review

This product has a 3 ½ star review from customers who have used the product. The wax goes on easily and the strips don’t hurt when being pulled off. The warmer makes the wax the perfect temperature for your Brazilian waxing. The instructions are clear and easy to be read and understood for beginners.

Customer service issues were a problem with one review, as the customer was not satisfied with the product, but the company refused to allow the customer to return the product.

GIGI Brazilian Waxing Kit Complete Hair Removal System

At $54.99, this kit comes with free shipping, making it a very affordable kit for your perfect Brazilian wax. It has a 4.3 star review on Amazon.

Gig Brazilian Waxing Kit Complete Hair Removal System Review

The waxing kit works great and the wax doesn’t pull the skin. It grabs on to the hair only, making tape removal less painful. The temperature levels were perfect, making the wax easy to apply.

The wax warmer is too large bulky and the lid does not attach to the warmer. It is a separate piece. It is difficult to find an appropriate place to store the warmer.

Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Kit

The kit comes with wax that can be warmed in the microwave and the cost is $15.24 and can remove hair from the pubic area with ease. It comes with 1 Brazilian 8 oz. microwave formula, 2 oz. of pre-hon and 1 wax-off.

Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Kit Reviews

The kit has a 4 star review on Amazon and it is easy to use, removing 95% of the hair. The unwanted hair was easily removed and the kit is small enough to travel with and be used anywhere. The process is not only easy to use, but it was also quick and cheap, saving a lot of money by not having to take a trip to the salon.

Some found that the wax was messy and did not do the job it was supposed to do.



By far, the best kit reviewed in this article is the Satin Smooth Deluxe Brazilian Waxing Kit. It received the best reviews and this kit also included a Lidocaine gel and a numbing spray to make hair removal a painless process. Although this kit is the most expensive, it comes with more items that can be used to make the at home Brazilian waxing experience an easy and painless one. With the price that you have to pay to make one trip to the salon for a Brazilian wax, this product will have paid for itself after the second use.