Best Home Waxing Kit for Men (Updated June 2017)


As more and more men are making shedding their body hair in 2017 a regular part of their grooming routine,waxing for men has become today increasingly popular. With the right waxing product in your grooming toolkit, you can join too the increasing ranks of modern waxing men.Getting rid of unwanted body hair by waxing is one of today’s hottest trends for men. More and more men are realizing each day that women tend to love men with a clean look. This kind of look only waxing for men can provide.

Best Home Wax for Men
For those of you who wants a balance of simple-to-use and a high quality waxing product, BodyHonee Body Waxing Kit for Men is definitely our most recommend men’s at-home waxing product.

You don’t want to be the only guy with a Neanderthal look, with hairy shoulders, chest and even back, when hang out at the lake or you hit the beach. Hair removal products and body wax for men can make you look more sophisticated and sleek, as well as keeping you looking younger. If you practice regular waxing this will also going to help other skin care products that you use, like body lotions, body washes and special men’s soap, to better work their magic.

Men’s waxing provides long term benefits. Having a hairy chest, back, buttocks, and shoulders is unattractive, but shaving is not going to solve the problem. Besides the fact that shaving is a pain, it must be done on a regular basis. With body waxing for men you can achieve longer results. The hair will get thinner after waxing and you’ll experience less regrowth after each waxing session. Your skin will become smoother as well.

In today’s world you don’t have to be a bodybuilder, cyclist, or swimmer to use waxing for men. Modern and stylish men know that a sleek body and hair removal can do wonders for their love life. Even more, if you are using sunscreen for men or men’s tanning lotions, a hair free body will be easier to work on.

At home waxing is tempting, once you overlook the temporary pain. You’ll be able to stay stubble-free for weeks and avoidnicks or razor burn. However, if you want to perform waxing at-home you need to know that the process involves more than a simple disposable razor. Before trying waxing you need to know some essential tips so you can end up with hair-free and smooth skin, without frustration and in-growns:

  • Prevent ingrown hair bymoisturizing and exfoliating
  • Do not try to wax hair that’s too long or too short.
  • Use pre-wax baby powder after cleansing your skin
  • Always test the temperature of your wax
  • Apply wax and pull in the right direction, which is the direction of hair growth
  • Do not wax the same area more than twice
  • Use somepost-wax baby oil or other hydrating product

By shopping around and a bit of research you can find the best home waxing kit for men. The Amazon online store is a good place to start. There you’ll find many reputable brands of body hair removal wax kits for men. They also have great discounted priced on many products, fast shipping, various paying options, and many other useful features. Shopping online on is much more comfortable than waiting in line at any brick and mortar traditional store. With there are no trips to the store, no circling the aisles and no waiting in line ever.

When is about deciding whichis the best home waxing kit for men to choose, it might be confusing with the endless product selection. In order to save you the efforts, here is our list with a choice of the five of the best body hair removal products for men available on the market today.

1. BodyHonee Waxing Kit for Men

This is an all-natural hair removal product for men. The BodyHonee got many rave reviews from satisfied users. This popular kit is effective and safe. The 100 percent all natural waxing for men contains only lemon, salt, and sugar from honey.

The honey based wax is effective, light, and has a pleasant scent. The product is easy to use, does not irritate your skin, and is quick to clean.

BodyHonee can remove hair at the root-level, providing a hair free skin for up to three months. With every use of the product your hair will regrow finer and softer.

The BodyHoneekit include two wooden spatulas, a 10-ounce jar of all-natural wax, and eight non-woven wax strips.

Its popularity, price, effectiveness, and safety make it a recommended waxing product for men, and one of the best products on the market. You can find it on Amazon, at the link right here

2. Gigi Waxing Kit

GiGi is a professional Brazilian wax kit that does everything you need for a successful Brazilian waxing on your own at home. The kit contains:

  • Gigi Pre-epilation oil
  • Gigi Wax Warmer
  • GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax
  • GiGi wood sticks for spreading wax
  • Gigi Post-wax cooling gel

The kit comes with a plastic cover, warmer, and paper ring to use around the wax container as well as an instructional DVD. This waxing kit is suitable for both women and men and it has been confirmed to be easy to use. It can save you a lot of money by not having to get your Brazilian waxing in a professional salon. Because the wax heats to a perfect temperature you can use it for any part of the body. It is recommended to watch the instructional DVD before performing the waxing process. We also wrote instructions for using Gigi Wax warmers that you might find helpful.

The product is available on Amazon..

3.Blue Steel Sports WAX Strips

This system of men hair removal from Blue Steel Sports provides instant hair removal strips. The product caters for sport players and athletes who know well how irritating can be the body hair during intense activities. The body hair not only rubs against your t-shirt and can irritate your skin, but it also make you smell even worse.

With the Blue Steel Sports WAX Strips waxing your back, chest, and legs is much faster than using traditional waxing for men products. The advanced wax strips leave your skin smooth for up to two months after removing hair by the root. The product features chamomile extract for soothing your skin. On Amazon you can find this product at here.

4. Moom For Men

The Moom hair remover system is also one of the best home waxing kit for men. You can achieve long lasting and professional looking results by using this hair removal kit designed specifically for male body hair. The Moom for Men kit is easy to use and less painful than other regular waxing products.

It is easy to use, with half the pain involved with regular waxing products. Its formula is a sugar based blend that is safe, gentle, and 100 percent natural. Even if gentle, it is still tough enough to remove quickly the most stubborn hair.

The Moom waxing kit is ideal for back, chest and other areas, to achieve a sculpted and smooth look. For the best results you are advised to have plenty of strips available before starting and to follow the product’s instructions.

An advantage of the Moom For Men product is that it pays attention to the damage that may be caused to men’s skin and not only does a fine job of removing body hair but also considers your skin first. When heated to the right temperature, each strip can remove up to 90 percent of the male unwanted body hair. Being an all natural product, it is completely safe to use. You can buy the product on Amazon.

5. Parissa Men’s Tea Tree Wax Strips

You only need to simply press up and pull off the Parissa Men’s Tea Tree Wax Strips in one quick and easy process. This male hair removal system is going to leave your skin smooth for up to six weeks.

After using the Parissa wax strips your hair will grow back finer. Because these strips are larger than most of the other wax trips for man, the process of hair removal is faster with the Parissa product. The package also includes Azulene oil for soothing your skin after waxing. The oil is doing an excellent job of preventing bumps, redness, and ingrown hairs.

Parissa waxing system includes 20 large strips in each box and comes at an impressive low price tag. You can purchase the product on Amazon here.

2017 Best Waxing Kit for Men

Product Brand List Price Size
BodyHonee Hair Removal Waxing Kit Men BodyHonee $24.99 10 .oz
Moom For Men Organic Hair Remover Moom $24.43 340g/12 oz
WOW Hair Vanish For Men WOW $19.99 Pack Of 1

2017 Best Waxing Kit For Men

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